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Parents Alert – Social Media and Netflix Awareness

SPOTT Tuesday- Supporting Parents of Tweens and Teens

Awareness Alert

On a current Social Media game and a Netflix series that EVERY parent should be aware of.

Dear Amazing Parents of Tweens and Teens,

Last night on our usual SPOTT Tuesday FB Live with parents, our discussions were based an alert letter from a school to parents warning us of some recent games/shows that we need to be aware of.

The first alert was about a game on a social media platform called (The Blue Whale Challenge) and the second alert is about a netflix series called ’13 Reasons WHY”

Please watch the video. It is very vital that you arm yourself with the right information and communicate to your Tweens and Teens in the wise way so that you are able to get your points across more effectively.

If you do have any questions, as usual do not be hesitant to ask.

Wishing a great and fab week and looking forward to connecting with you next week.

Take care and remember that I am rooting for you all the way.

Kind Regards
Phinnah Chichi

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