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Ten2Teens Magazine has picked Pelumi as our first role model to speak to. Pelumi is 21 years old and is a good example of the balanced awareness that Ten2Teens stand for. At just 18 years, Pelumi had decided to do the big chop (a term used when one cuts off their hair.) Now adventuring into the unknown world of natural hair, she decided to set up a Facebook page called ‘care for your hair’ where she promotes other natural hair styles, gives advice on caring for natural hair and reviews natural hair and skin products. This platform has helped immensely other people open to the fact that natural hair styles are cool as well and that we are all beautiful.

From this humble beginning, Pelumi’s face book page (Care for your hair) has currently over 7000 likes and is still growing. She has hosted packed out events and combined with all of this, has graduated with top honours from City University London with a BSC in Psychology.

Pelumi’s endeavour, determination, passion, hard work, belief, respect and humility is amongst what qualifies her to be seen as a role model for other youths to see. She did not let the few negative comments that received about going natural deter her. She stood on her belief and passion and went for it, not giving up.

Here is a brief interview we had with this lovely and talented lady.

T2T: First of all, thank you for taking out some time to chat with us. You are our first role model that we are featuring online and in the upcoming printed version of Ten2Teens magazine. You represent what we refer to as our everyday inspiring youth who our readers can relate to.

We believe that the perspective seen about youths, especially youths of colour are generally more negative than positive. Ten2Teens aims to reflect a more balanced awareness about youths. Do you think this is a fact, and if yes, what do have to say about it?

PR: Yes I do agree, the only time you hear about youths is when there are involved in negative stories. Up till today, when we here about the London riots, it is mostly linked to youths especially youths of colour. It will be nice to pick up publications in shops showing that we are doing much more than rioting, violence, drinking excessively and other negative stories. I would love younger ones to see more role models who do look like themselves and say ‘I am 16 years or I am 18 years and yes I can make something of my life

T2T: What were your dreams as a kid?

PR: Oh I had many dreams that changed over the years. I was interested in Fashion and then Music, my friend Annie and I wanted to be the UK’s version of Mary Mary.

I also wanted to be a teacher. The list can go on.

T2T: It just goes to show that at least you did have dreams which is very important and that kept your brain active.

T2T: How did you come about with the great idea to set up a Facebook page called ‘Care for your hair’ (CFYH)?

PR: After having cut my hair and keeping it natural, a lot of people were asking how and why I did it, how I was taking care of it and maintaining it. My natural hair was also growing very nicely and people were amazed and keen to find out more about my natural hair. I then decided to set up a facebook page which is free and an easy way to reach many people to answer all the questions in one go rather than repeating myself over and over again.

T2T: There are over 7000 likes which is phenomenal, what has been you reaction to the ever increasing number of likes?

PR: I am very happy and humbled that something that started so little has continuously grown. I also thank God that it is growing and touching the lives of many people. For some people, it has helped with more self discovery about themselves. I had a lady who came to me at one of the events we had in the year. In tears, she was telling me how she had grown up believing that she was ugly in her natural hair and had done so many different things with her hair to feel better about herself. A lot of people have different stories of why they opted for weaves and perms. Some were ashamed to show off their natural hairs and styles, while others had other personal reasons. I get a feeling of satisfaction when people express how their understanding and perspective have changed through this facebook page. One notion to point out as well is that care for your hair does not advocate that we must all go natural, everyone has a choice, we want people to appreciate it and see it as beautiful. We have had a few people say that they are ashamed to have their natural hair to their place of work or at school. They feel a lot of people will look at them in weird ways .The reaction has been quite opposite for people that have gone natural. More people are open about it as more styles are being showcased and love it.

T2T: I can actually relate to that as well. I recently had my hair cut as well and the reaction that I have received has been phenomenal. Everyone loves it at work and really there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks for sharing that.

T2T: What is next for you? What’s your vision for the future?

PR: The vision is to grow much more. I have liaised with a lot of African Caribbean Societies (ACS) in universities across the country in preparation for black history month. Going out there to promote and raise more awareness.

T2T: Before we let you go what advice or let’s say what encouragement have you got for other youths?

I would love youths to see natural as beautiful and be confident of who they are naturally. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by God so there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you have any questions or you want to someone to talk to, email me at Never give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming if you have to until you come across that passion or calling that you are suppose to do.

Thanks again, Pelumi for your time. I have had a wonderful and inspiring time chatting with you and I would love to say that we are very proud of you. Continue to work hard and be your best at all times. God bless.

Pelumi’s facebook page is called ‘care for your hair’. Check it out and ‘like’ it. Also you visit her website at

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