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Puberty in boys is a stage which kicks off at around 9 to 15 years of age. It involves many changes in the bodies of the teen boys; physically, mentally and emotionally. When extra hormones start being produced in the body, the puberty changes start to take place. It is these hormones that result to all the changes above which act like a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood. When you get to this stage in life, you become very sensitive and most even become confused. You start being aware of your body and your emotions start getting uncontrollable. However, it helps when you realize early enough that you are not the only oneā€¦All grown men had to pass through this critical stage of life.

There are many expectations when you hit puberty. First of all, your voice will get deeper as your chest muscles develop to result to a very broad chest and shoulder. At this stage, you will realize that you start growing hair all over the body like on the face, chest, under the arms and even on the legs. At around this time, you will also realize a few strands starting to appear at the base of the penis. This gets thicker with time!
At around this time, the penis will grow bigger and longer. The testicles also grow and increase in size. For some people, the development of the testicles will not go hand in hand; one will grow faster than the other. This will make one side to be lower, however it should not cause worries as it is a perfectly normal occurrence.
Wet dreams and sudden erections will also be experienced in most times during this phase. Most teen boys have these wet dreams, so it should not be a cause for embarrassment. Wet dreams will make the boy ejaculate in sleep. This is why proper hygiene is very essential in puberty. Immediately after you awake, ensure you remove your sheets and wash immediately. If the sheets are not cleaned, it will result to the place being stuffy and smelly. It will also result to infections as the dirty sheets will be a good breeding space for bacteria.

Personal hygiene is also necessary. Take a shower in the morning to minimize the chances of getting infections. Most teen boys at this time still have the foreskin. When cleaning, pull it back and clean with loads of water as this is the place that usually catches infections with ease.

Different boys approach puberty at different ages, when the body is ready. You may experience it at an earlier age or later. This should not cause worries as the bodies are not the same. It is at such at a time that you need your parents close to you. Have open communication with them so that they guide you to the right direction. If you are not guided, your emotions may lead you towards the wrong direction and you may not realize it. Do not fear anything; puberty is just a stage in life which all men have to go through.

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