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Happy New Month to all of you. Not only is it a new month, it is actually the last quarter of the year. As we step into this last quarter, let’s imagine a game of basketball for example. No matter what the scores have been throughout the first 3 quarters, the 4th quarter is usually the watch out quarter. Teams have come from trailing behind in the first part of the game to winning the game in the 4th quarter. What makes the difference in that 4th quarter? what sets alight in their minds and fires them up with that determination to win? All of a sudden, we see determination in their eyes, We see some form of courage and boldness that was lacking the first 3 quarters, their WHY is suddenly in front of them and they realise that they have not come this far to settle for less than winning or less than their best. They step up and make shots after shots. The final buzzer is about to be heard and they jump up for joy not only because they have won, but because they won against all odds .They won and so can you in this 4th quarter. So what! that you trailed behind in the last 9 months, welcome to the 4th quarter where the game can change if you are determined to win. It is up to you to make that decision. It is up to you to take on courage and fly with it. It is up to you NOT to entertain any fears that will come by uninvited. It is up to you to put on your faith and belief and step out there to make the shots. I know you can do it because I see it in your eyes. Go for it and as always I am rooting for you.

Have an amazing start to this amazing quarter.

© Phinnah Chichi

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