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The Right Outfit for the Right Occasion - For Teen GuysWRITTEN BY PHINNAH C. IKEJI

We all do love to look right. The teenage guy is no different, he loves to know that he looks good and fashionable. The teenage guy should always look good. This does not mean wearing your belt to match your shoes or wearing a tie over your shirt. It simply means getting into your element and creating your own look.

Choosing appropriate dressing for every occasion can be a daunting task for the teenager especially since he has to appear trendy and fashionable. The aim of this article is to give the teenage boy some cool tips that they can use to choose their own trends for various occasion.

Rule of thumb

Every teenage boy should have the following items in their closet: One tie Button down shirts, Tennis shoes, Sneakers, Boots, Shoes, A tailored suit, Black trousers, Khakis, Jeans, Long and short sleeve t-shirts.
With the above items, it is possible to combine each one of them to suit any occasion whether it is to a party, a wedding or even to an interview.

For the laid back casual outfit

On a casual day, for example to outings, the teen can dress in a pair of skinny jeans and a striped blazer paired with tennis shoes. This is a cool look for any teen. If skinny jeans are not comfortable, then he can wear the straight cut jeans and still pair it with a blazer. It is still a funky and fashionable look.

When the teen is on work experience during the long holidays, they can also wear the jeans on a casual Friday if the office dress code allows it.

When it comes to t-shirts, the slogans should not have graphic images or offensive quotes. There are a variety of motifs and styles in t-shirts nowadays that the teen can wear and still make a good impression.

To the job interview

The tailored suit and the trendy skinny ties can make the teen appear all professional when they show up for a job interview. Formal black shoes and a couple of leather belts in the wardrobe would also be useful to the teenage boy to accessories his suit.

Clothing for sports

For teens that are sports fans or loves to play sports, then hoodies and baseball hats are appropriate. The hoodies come in a variety of styles ranging from the zipper ones to the pullover versions. Track pants paired with solid coloured t-shirts would also look trendy and fashionable on the teen.

Accessorizing the outfits

When it comes to accessories, the teen might be at a dilemma because there are currently so many ways in which an outfit can be accessorized. Hats, leather jackets, bags, sunglasses, scarves, belts and ties can all accessorize an outfit. Chains and watches can also make a simple outfit appear trendy.

With the accessories however, many of them should not be worn at once because the teen might appear as if they are trying too hard.

Point to note

Trends do not suit everyone. The baggy pants do not really look good on everyone especially those that are on the skinny side. Clothes that fit always look good on the wearer.

It does not take wearing designer clothing for the teenage boy to look good. What matters is how they combine their outfits.

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