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Your periods: when should you expect your first period? You have started but they are quite irregular, what do you do? It sometimes scares you to go out with friends in case you get an embarrassing moment.

I once had a friend who told how ‘Aunty Flo’ was on the way and she knew for sure because she experienced at least one or two of these signs which we will share with you.

First of all the name, Aunty Flo was quite catchy and so true to form. Periods or should we use the name, Aunty Flo are part of life. We all as girls starting to mature physically get periods and this comes most times on a monthly basis for quite a while until we get to menopause years which vary per person. Some girls start their first periods between 11-14 years old, other could start from as early as 8 years old to as late as 17 years old. Body changes like developing breasts, growing pubic hair and discharge are general signs that your first period could start. You could also probably start your first period on or around the same time your mum started as a preteen or teen. Ask Mum.

When you do start, a good idea will be to keep a pad or two hidden in your bag and also in your school locker so that they are available when needed. A few of us have them at regular intervals, whilst others have them irregularly so being aware of this and knowing the common signs of this can help prevent us from unexpected and unannounced visits. In addition, maintaining a clean hygiene routine in this time is highly important. Let’s talk.

Common Signs

Up and down Emotions

Being quite emotional all of a sudden, Getting more irritable than normal, being less tolerant and expecting others to relate and understand why you are feeling like this are very common signs that Aunty Flo is going to be visiting soon.

Tummy Aches and Headaches

Sharp aches in the tummy and at times accompanied with bloating, on and off headaches in a few of us, we might even start to eat much more than normal and crave certain foods.

Skin and Boobs

One or more acnes (pimples) start to appear to our faces or our boobs become tender and hurt quite a bit.


Maintaining a good hygiene routine during your periods is very important. There is an extra need to keep clean during this time.

Changing pads a few times a day when they become uncomfortable, changing pads before bed and when we wake up. If you do use tampons, never leave tampons in for more than 8 hours.

Taking regular baths in thus period will make you feel better and cleaner.

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